New clients update for windows and android:

2017-06-17 – Now live

  • Fixed the “back door” for entering instances via the play button after observing.
  • Improved the water shader a bit.
  • Embassy placement is now on a 2 hour silent cooldown. There won’t even be an option to place a second embassy for 2 hours after the first.
  • Flyers can no longer fly in PvP unless the region’s level is 101 or higher (PvE servers). On PvP servers this is level 33 or higher.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes that don’t deserve a mention in the log.
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  • Joining heroics now requires 25 talent points and raids now require 65 talent points. Starting heroics still requires 39 talent points, and raids still requires 101 talent points.
  • “Lite” mods that don’t alter config or add assemblies (localizations for example) no longer count as “mods” when joining a server.
  • Structures placed very close to the water level will now be reflected in the water, while structures placed higher up won’t be.
  • Added a “Play” button to exit the observer mode to make it more obvious.



  • Towers and lighthouses should now invalidate trees around them again.
  • White flag should again no longer prevent being able to cap pirate towns.
  • IWIN will now work on pirate lords.



  • Increased the range at which bird flocks become visible on ultra-widescreen monitors.
  • Resist debuff (shock ammo / dragon roar) will now lower the nether resist as well.
  • Players can now encounter the Nether biome raid without admin intervention. Hint: try wearing as much nether resist gear as possible before starting a raid.
  • Added a built-in healthbar to all dragon bosses.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing fire-based towers’ damage over time effects to stack too much.
  • Fixed a bug where the team manager script would forcefully kill NPCs, including dragons, if there were too many pirates present.
  • Acid essence ammo’s heal debuff is no longer mitigated by resistance. Resistance now affects its duration instead.
  • 03.1: Dragons should now drop the expected loot again and summon adds.
  • 03.1: /open is now usable by the person that created the instance rather than the person with the lowest ping.
  • 03.1: Raised instance respawn limit to 17 so players shouldn’t get stuck in /obs mode… as much.



  • Fixed dragons not dropping 75/50/25% loot for players other than the person that “owns” the dragon (lowest ping player at the time the dragon was spawned).
  • Tweaked the dragon’s AI a bit more and fleshed out the unique perks of the Nether dragon fight.
  • Fixed instance experience sharing affecting observers.



  • “Flawless” buff will now prevent curse properly.
  • Tweaks to how AI ships handle movement near towers, as there were some situations when ships would stop with a wrong angle, unable to properly attack towers.



  • Reduced dragon’s HP by 40% and damage by 33%.
  • Dragons will no longer use hasty repairs while in combat, allowing for them to break sight of players for 10 seconds before they begin to heal.
  • Removed dragon’s chance of getting a Reckless Volley. Reckless Volley has a built-in crit chance, and critting dragons are bad, mmkay?
  • Dropped Nether dragon’s essence’s stats should now function properly.
  • Dropping the dragon’s health down to 75%, 50% and 25% will now reward players with legendary loot.
  • Loot dropped by units defeated above land will now appear above the surface.
  • Loot crates will now last 5-10 minutes (up from 3), depending on the loot’s quality.
  • Loot spawned when defeating something outside the region’s bounds will now appear closer to the center.
  • Added a Telescope — a better version of the Spyglass tool.
  • If a player doesn’t damage anyone when the dragon’s curse ends, they will now be granted a new buff for 30 seconds increasing their hull, damage and diplomacy and preventing them from getting cursed again for the duration.
  • AI will no longer try to ram anything if their sails are below 70%.
  • Dragons will now ignore cursed players and will focus on others instead.
  • Dragons will now keep their distance better and will not try to circle around players. They will get closer to use the breath, however.
  • Dragons’ decision which enemy to attack will now become more erratic as they get hurt.
  • Dragons will no longer curse the only player in sight. They will wait for others to show up.
  • Guard towers will no longer crit.
  • Siege towers will now use bigger ammunition.
  • It’s now possible to leave the /observer mode in an instance without getting removed from the instance.
  • 26.1: Fix for some ships not applying cannonball damage properly.



  • King-reflected IWIN will now only kill the player that used the skill and that player’s respawn timer will be greatly increased for the next respawn.
  • Made it possible to properly work with arbitrary asset bundles uploaded to the server. Example: load and play custom sounds. (playing them is a dev build ability for now)
  • Players killed by king tier or higher mobs will now have their respawn timers increased to 25 seconds for the next respawn (same as during the dragon fight).
  • Combat and heroic regions now have a forced minimum size of 256.
  • Heroic tier NPCs will now have resistances up to 30% and vulnerabilities up to 20% (up from 10% and 10%).
  • Added a new Raid type instance. A little more difficult than a heroic but with better loot and has a dragon boss at the end. Very likely to be altered in a future update, as right now it’s pretty much just a heroic with a different boss, and starts with half the region controlled by the ”cultists”.
  • Dragon defeated at the end of the Raid instance will now drop Nether resistance loot as well as essences. Admin intervention is no longer needed.
  • Dragon loot now requires at least 6 players to be present in order to drop.
  • Completion quest for heroics that always awards a legendary item now requires at least 2 players to be present. Raid quest requires 6. The loot inside can still be gathered solo for a well equipped player. Only the completion rewards have this limitation.
  • Ship explosions should no longer affect loot crates.
  • Added a new /open command that the person that started the instance can use. This will make it possible for players to right-click the name of any of the players in that instance and choose the “Join” option to join it automatically.
  • Combat instances will no longer give the completion reward if there are fewer than 4 towns in the region.
  • 25.1: Fixed a harmless error that was showing up during the dragon fight.



    • Deaths resulted from dragon curse’s partial damage will now also spawn adds.
    • AFK players will now automatically enter observer mode after a period of time. This period is shorter in instances.
    • Dragon curse’s damage will no longer report hurting objects like towns, lighthouses and dead players.
    • Added /respawnDelay = # to the dev build as a convenience method.
    • Respawn timer will now be at least 25 seconds during dragon fights (up from the default of 14). Last few dragon fights were all already tested with a 25 second respawn timer — seemed to work well.
    • Enrage buff now reduces cooldowns by 33% rather than 25% (1 sec becomes 0.67 sec).


  • 24.1: Fix for buffs not expiring properly in some rare cases, causing their duration to become permanent. This lead to higher than expected numbers seen when attacking practice towers, particularly when players’ fire (DOT) ammunition refreshed those buffs.




  • Restored player’s base crit that was unintentionally lowered by 22.0.
  • Trees will now be affected by shadows and will work with the fog of war better.
  • Ship details are now shown on all graphics quality levels on desktop platforms.
  • Fixed target dummy showing a negative damage on some rare occasions.
  • Fixed propellers not taking the ship’s tilt into consideration.
  • Pirate kings and dragons will no longer use Hasty Repairs while in combat with players. Should they succeed to run away, they will use it.
  • King and dragon AI will choose to periodically try to run away below 50% life.
  • Added /setZone respawnDelay = # where # is time to respawn in seconds. Default value is 14. Useful for events that may need longer respawn times. (dev build)
  • Pirate kings and dragons will now enrage below 25% life, increasing damage by 50% and reducing all cooldowns by 25%. The enrage period will last 30 seconds.
  • Dragons will now periodically place a curse on one of the nearby players. While active, the curse will periodically damage all nearby players. When the curse expires, it will severely damage or kill all players in sight of the cursed one.
  • Dragons will now summon adds at 75%, 50% and 25% life.
  • Added /summon5 # to the dev build, where # is the ID of the dragon (fire = 0, ice = 1, acid = 2, electricity = 3, nether = 4).
  • 23.1: Curse should no longer affect players still in their invulnerability.
  • 23.1: Added floating text timer messages showing the countdown to curse’s explosion.
  • 23.1: When a player gets killed by the curse’s explosion, an add will spawn.
  • 23.1: Fix for the active curse effect not being visible in some situations.
  • 23.1: When a unit dies, all of its buffs/debuffs will now instantly expire.
  • 23.1: It now takes 4 seconds for the curse to “arm” itself. If a player dies before that, the curse won’t damage anyone.
  • 23.2: Fixed curse showing up more than once on the same target and/or inflicting its damage more than once.
  • 23.2: Adds spawned from the curse kills will now be named appropriately.
  • 23.2: /die no longer works in combat.
  • 23.2: Curse now heals the cursed player and greatly increases their damage, however it now deals ever-increasing periodic damage to nearby friendly targets.
  • 23.2: Added a new tool item that auto-anchors the ship while not moving. Super useful for defensive specialization players in particular, and it also prevents being blown away by the wind.



  • NPCs will no longer crit, making their damage more predictable. This is going to be most noticeable during dragon fights since a single volley crit was doing an insane amount of damage, but you can also expect Pirate King volleys to be much less deadly as well.
  • Made 10% resist items a much more common drop.
  • Swapped all resists on dragon essences. For example Fire essence will now protect against frost. This makes more sense as the item would effectively make the opposite dragon’s encounter easier. This will only affect newly dropped essences.
  • Reduced the damage of dragons in addition to the NPC crit removal.
  • Added /setZone noRespawns = [true/false] to prevent all players and NPCs from respawning. Useful for events like last player standing free-for-all, for example. Players that die will automatically enter the observer mode.
  • Added /setZone ffa = [true/false] to enable a free-for-all PvP event (dev build only).
  • Added /pause command to the dev build to stop NPCs from spawning. Players will still be able to respawn. Using the /pause command the second time will pause all respawns, including players. Using /pause the third time will resume all respawns.
  • Pirate kings and higher tier bosses are no longer controllable by players, regardless of level.
  • Going to be testing an alternate version of a dragon fight on the Tasharen server — 15 players per instance with nothing in it vs a dragon. Players that die remain dead. If all players get defeated, the fight is considered to be lost. Of course the dragon’s HP and damage are going to be scaled down, but resistances are still going to be very important.
  • Increased the damage-over-time effect from fire essence ammunition to 400% of previous.
  • Restored player Regeneration effect to how it used to be.
  • Higher tier bosses will no longer favor sticking to one tough target.



  • Fix for resistances not functioning properly.



  • Reduced download size from 150 MB to 130 MB by removing unused textures.
  • Reduced +buff -buff spam in combat.
  • 20.1: Fixed healing amounts being doubled up when displayed via the floating text.
  • 20.1: Nerfed passive regeneration a bit. For players it’s not going to be noticeable, but for dragons it most certainly will be. Passive regeneration of 1 million HP per tick on the Nether dragon was a tad much. Regeneration is now based on the base HP percentage, not unit’s actual HP.
  • 20.1: Another fix for +buff -buff spam.



  • Added a Nether dragon.
  • Added Nether damage type and resistance.
  • Added a way to turn off HUD Text via options in order to reduce combat clutter.
  • Changed how damage gets reported to other players. It’s now immediate, and both damage and healing will show up while in combat, even if healing exceeds the max health.
  • Inferno debuffs from multiple players will now stack.
  • Ultra graphics quality water will now reflect projectiles.
  • 19.1: The Ultra quality water was reflecting too much… even the UI. Fixed!



  • Another fix for old players returning unable to spawn with a “Ships/Ship#” error.



  • Added a new authorized server for Tasharen – East Coast 1.



  • Made it possible to have a free-for-all mode where everyone in the region is hostile to everyone else.
  • Made the faction bar up top support more than 7 factions.
  • The /die command has been extended to allow server admins to kill NPCs.
  • Made it possible for dev build users to specify player ship selection overrides for special events like turning all players into dragons.
  • Dev build’s /die has been changed to /kill.
  • The range at which AOEs would cling to their target was increased by 25%.
  • Windward will now copy the GOG ID file over to My Documents since GOG client tends to overwrite its own generated file when updating the game.
  • Players returning after a long absence will no longer be stuck in observer mode due to their ship no longer existing.
  • 16.1: More GOG-related tweaks.
  • 16.1: Top faction indicator should now show the pirate faction as near-black again.



  • Reduced improved water barrel’s heal over time from 100% to 75% and its overall healing by 20%.
  • Water barrel explosions no longer have to directly hit towers to heal them.
  • Acid dragon ammunition now reduces healing by 80% instead of 100% (matches offensive specialization player’s poison).
  • Redesigned the way buffs are synchronized yet again (simplifying it), making it possible to have buffs stacking from multiple sources. For example: inferno dropped by multiple people. The Inferno itself hasn’t been changed, it’s just the possibility for it to stack that has been added.
  • Added another flying ship — defensive oriented one this time.
  • Defensive specialization’s turning bonus is now gradual. The slower the player’s ship is moving, the faster they are able to turn. The same bonus now also affects flying ships. This means you no longer have to hold anchor to get the bonus, and can drift with the wind!
  • Boss type NPCs now have a stronger Noxious effect that mimics Offensive-specialized players (reduces the healing effects).
  • Boss type NPCs will now use the improved water barrel (heal over time).
  • 15.1: Un-nerfed the other flying ships’ turning rates.



  • Fixed a minor issue with specialization auras not refreshing buffs in a proper fashion.
  • Fixed an issue where buffs were not synchronized all that well.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the player ship to be sync’d with everyone every 3 seconds, adding quite a bit of unnecessary bandwidth as well as the +Buff -Buff spam that I merely masked in the previous update.
  • Added an improved water barrel that can drop in heroics. It does 25% of its heal up front, then another 100% as a heal over time lasting 10 seconds (for a total of 125%). It has a 25% longer cooldown, but has a heal radius of 8 instead of 5. Holding shift while using the improved water barrel turns it into a regular one.
  • Fixed a minor issue where colors were not wrapped properly in chat from line to line.



  • Fixed a long-standing bug where the regeneration penalty effect of offensive specialization was never actually working. As such, poison no longer prevents Hasty Repairs from being used — however the 80% regen penalty now works as intended for offensive specialized players and the AI will not try to repair while that debuff is active at full strength. As an added benefit, the healing penalty now affects all forms of healing — from passive regeneration to Water Barrel. As yet another benefit, the debuff does not get simply washed away by using the water barrel, and will affect healing even when applied halfway through Hasty Repair’s duration.
    • You can allow Hasty Repairs to be used while debuffed by using:
      /set repairLockout = 1.0
  • +Buff -Buff notifications will no longer appear around friendly players in order to reduce on-screen spam.
  • Ultra-crits from dragon ammunition now have effects in addition to the extra damage.
    • Fire: damage over time.
    • Ice: slow, just like shredding ammo / chain shot.
    • Acid: prevents all forms of healing.
    • Electricity: resistance debuff.
  • Added a target dummy to test damage per second / healing per second. Currently limited to a dev build creation, you can find them on the Tasharen server. That should help you figure out which builds do more damage.
  • Offensive specialization armor debuff on hit is now 3 times less effective (it was simply doing too much).
  • Armor going below 0 due to armor penetration / debuffs no longer causes weirdness in the math. Before it was causing damage to get multiplied in an odd way, often resulting in higher armor values rather than lower. Now it’s simply capped at 100% damage.
  • Elite Training talent from the Support line now also increases the duration of effects by up to 32%. It will likely be moved into a separate talent when talents will get expanded in the future.
  • Boosted the passive defensive resist bonus from 10% to 15%.
  • Dragonfly can now strafe by holding left shift and using A/D while not moving forward.



  • Fixed friendly Inferno affecting players all of a sudden and also changed it to no longer affect the player that used it.
  • Heroics will now always drop appropriate resist gear.
  • NPCs will now drop resist gear appropriate to whatever weaponry they are using.
  • Significantly reduced the chance of NPCs using elemental weaponry outside of heroics.
  • Fix for volley being more difficult to target as of the last update.
  • Shock weaponry now ignores 70% armor (down from 100%)
  • Item resistances now give 5% at a time instead of 10%, making the maximum from dropped items + support aura + defensive spec be 100% instead of 180%.
  • Defensive specialization should no longer apply its resistance bonus unless actually in defensive spec mode.
  • Resistances are now shown on the stats window if they are other than 0.
  • Physical damage mitigation due to armor is now also shown on the inventory page.
  • 10.1: Made creaking mast sound slightly less annoying in observer mode.
  • 10.1: Rebalanced the damage done by dragon fire weaponry: currently set to 20% chance to inflict 600% damage on a critical hit instead of the 200% inflicted by normal crits. Doing some math, this results in ever-increasing damage as crit chance rises. 15% crit = 10% extra damage, 33% = 20%, 60% crit = 30% extra damage.
  • 10.2: Flyers can now cap without having to land.
  • 10.2: Greatly reduced the number of frequently sent packets (health updates, input axes) in order to improve network performance.
  • 10.2: Fixed flyer AI not repairing properly. If the dock is blocked, the  AI will still wait for it to be free, but other than that it should repair now.



  • Revamped the targeting system a bit in order to make AI properly use target-related skills.The AI were ignoring certain limitations before… Coincidentally this also fixes a bug where there would be message spam visible after releasing control of an NPC unit.
  • Various AI improvements. Higher tier NPCs (kings and such) are no longer affected by ramming damage or nearby explosions.
  • Flying AI ships no longer get auto-killed when leaving the play area.
  • Fix for critted inferno sound duration expiring before the effect does.
  • Fix for last night’s dragon drop not changing Inferno from fire to ice.
  • Fix for damage-over-time effects applying multiple times in multiplayer (broken in the last update I think?)
  • Unified how damage gets applied and where statistics for damage types are specified:



    • Added support for resistances: heat, cold, acid, electricity. With resistances over 100%, the damage turns into a healing effect instead. Every newly dropped item now has a 10% chance of having a resistance applied to it, with higher quality items having a chance of not having a counter-balancing penalty.
    • Corrosive barrel effect now makes cannonballs do Acid type damage and ignore 50% of armor.
    • Inferno skill is now capable of doing different types of damage, not just fire. The items that change this are very difficult to obtain, however.
    • AI has been taught to respect resistances, and will not use skills that wouldn’t cause damage on their target.
    • Heroic instance towns now let players change ships freely, regardless of their size.
    • Fixed a couple of instances where periodic damage like Inferno was not crediting the correct person (for the damage summary screen).
    • Changed how Inferno’s damage is calculated as a result of revamping the Damage over Time (DoT) system. Config’s values are now 5% of what they used to be, but actual in-game damage should be unaffected.
    • It’s now possible to have ammunition that has a chance to apply an effect on hit (for example: an additional damage over time effect).
    • Boss type NPCs have been taught how to use the new ammunition types. All bosses above challenge level 21 will now have a chance to have a strength and a weaknesses, and will use specialized ammo.
      • You can force all AI ammunition to be random using:
        /set randomAmmo = true
    • It’s now possible to acquire items that reduce cooldowns of specific skills, such as Inferno for example.
    • It’s now possible to equip items with a requirement of 3 talent points above the player.
    • Usable Debris talent now gives 10% elemental resistance.
    • The Great Provider talent now gives 10% elemental resistance to every ally in the vicinity.
    • Items that grant resistances or change the primary damage type are now marked with an appropriate icon in the top-left corner.
    • NPCs and towers in heroic instances now use specialized ammunition and have resistances and vulnerabilities based on the climate they’re in.
    • Taught AI how to properly use ships that have their guns in front.
    • Fire-breathing units will now have a tendency to ram their target every so often.
    • It’s now possible to specify certain NPCs to no longer be able to speak.
    • Noxious Cloud will now do 50 times more damage (before it was doing basically none).
    • Fixed Volley skill not working on some higher-flying units like the one added in 06-05.


  • The first properly scaled dragon was defeated on the Tasharen server mere hours after the update went live. Clearly the 2.5 hour fight was not enough to dissuade the persistent players. Who needs to prepare resist gear when brute-forcing works, amirite? <_< Congrats on the unique loot everyone!




  • Super secret surprise. Dun da duun. Going to be testing it on the Tasharen server.
  • Specialized equipment slot (corrosive, explosive barrels etc) can now alter which prefabs are fired (read: can now have custom cannonballs). Modders can now create custom cannonballs with effects, upload them to their custom server and have items use them. Modless item creation is still limited to the dev build, however.
  • Further expanded modding, making it possible to have extensively animated models.
  • It’s now possible to “strafe” with certain aerial vehicles by holding Shift (doesn’t affect any of the stock ones).
  • Fix for GOG player ID.
  • Various minor fixes.

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Price: 9,99 €

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