• Added /scaleStats that force-enables or disables stat scaling in the current region (admin command). This is identical to scaling that happens during PvP and in instances.
  • Added /set capStats = [true/false] ← Whether player stats will be capped while in regions below the player’s level.
  • It’s now possible to create ships that have turrets that rotate to follow the mouse.
  • Added support for land-based vehicles.
  • Created a tank test vehicle. It’s a land-based vehicle that can also go underwater. It has a rotating turret that can be aimed with the mouse. It also has a new skill tied to the turret that does quite a bit of damage. Drive it around the Tasharen server later this week.
  • Terrain generation can now be altered via the world’s config file. Note that changing the world’s config will affect all existing regions as well, so this is only recommended for new worlds! Just add any of the following entries at the bottom of the world.dat.config file:
    • terrainHeight ← Defines the height of the terrain. Default is 16, meaning the terrain’s highest point will be 16 units above its lowest point.
    • terrainOffset ← Defines the terrain’s vertical offset. Default is -7.5, meaning the terrain’s lowest point will be 7.5 units below sea level.
    • terrainRoughness ← Defines how rough the terrain will be. Default is 1. Lower value will result in a smoother terrain. Higher value will result in a jagged, uneven terrain.
    • For example:
  • 03.3: Added /3rdPerson to switch the camera to 3rd person and back.
  • 03.3: Added /set 3rdPerson = [true/false] to force 3rd person mode on your server.



  • Fixed the Menagerie achievement not unlocking if you happened to unlock the 16th ship on a server that had more ships. Menagerie will now trigger off of 11th ship, so you don’t need to unlock everything anymore.
  • It’s now possible to change world options using /set:
    • /set war = [true/false] ← Permanent PvP or not
    • /set playerShips = [true/false ← allow player ships or not
    • /set challenge = [0.0 – 1.0] ← 0 being 50% challenge, 0.5 being 100%, 1 = 200%
    • /set damage = [0.0 – 1.0] ← 0 being 50% damage, 0.5 being 100%, 1 = 200%
  • Inferno’s damage to sails now scales the same way as hull damage (reduced at low lvl)
  • Spending talent points to upgrade items now subtracts a proper amount of XP.
  • XInput is now enabled automatically for XBOX One controllers.
  • Jan 26th: Recompiled the server executable, thus changing its signature for Kapersky, resolving its false positive.



  • XP awarded for completing an instance is now scaled with the region’s size. 128×128 will give 25% XP, 256×256 will give 100%, 512×512 will give 400%. Same goes for driving out pirates.
  • Players can no longer be pirates in instances, and pirates don’t get XP in instances.
  • All ships now have the same base range on cannons and it can no longer be changed.
  • Windward will no longer even try to use Steam cloud storage if it’s disabled.
  • Pirates can no longer challenge regions.
  • 01.12 upload simply removes the space game’s content from it.



  • Server stability fixes.
  • Quick-moving items into a full vault should no longer show an exception.



  • Playing single player no longer uses sockets. It’s now a true offline mode (unless you check “allow friends to join”, of course).
  • WWServer now has a new -http command-line parameter you can specify, making it respond to web requests. Navigating to your server’s address in the web browser (ex: will show you how many players are online and who they are.



    • -noJoystick start parameter no longer turns off keyboard input.


  • -localPath can now be passed to Windward forcing it to save data in the game’s folder instead of My Documents. Useful for computers that have My Documents on a network share.


    • Added -XInput start parameter that will enable rumble effects for the controller.


  • /grow, /takeover and /globalTakeover are now admin commands (no longer dev version specific).




  • Added HDR bloom at the top graphics setting, making it possible to have glowing materials.
  • -noJoystick now force-disables joystick input from all sources, not just UI.
  • Starting Windward from the executable no longer force-launches Steam.
  • Expanded support for run-time code, making it possible to add code that runs repeatedly (every update).
  • Added support for asset bundles, making it possible to export new shaders, sounds, animations, etc.



  • Added support for limited run-time code execution making it possible to add content to the game without mods. Currently limited to the development version, but its effects will be seen on the Tasharen East Coast 1 server. Source code for the modifications posted under the Developer Version commands here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13ubvckpWIGerOuhTVWxguSmY8pIboPtAmf06daHZAZ8/edit?usp=sharing
  • Added total player counter to the server list.
  • Player’s current region should now always be selectable on the map. Previously some situations would hide it (for example pirates took over a lake region).
  • Fix for /ctf not working on servers other than the Tasharen East Coast 1.
  • /contest will now end the current contest if there is one active (dev version command).



  • Adjustments to how capture the flag and juggernaut modes work, removing the hacks that were in place to make it work with old versions.
  • Minimum version # increased, no longer compatible with older ones.

[sc_download_cloud url=”http://cloud.gigarent.it/f/ee73df0675/?raw=1″ name=”Windward v2016.02.03.3 Client PC”]

[sc_download_cloud url=”http://cloud.gigarent.it/f/55089879aa/?raw=1″ name=”Windward v2016.01.23.0 APK Client Android”]

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