Windward by GigaRent si aggiorna alla versione v2015-06-27 con una lunga lista di cambiamenti e miglioramenti.

Windward Log Cambiamenti:

2015-06-27 – Now Live

  • Chain Shot should now again work properly in PvP.
  • UI performance improvements, most notable when dragging around windows.
  • Right-click ignore should now get saved just like command /ignore.


  • Variety of fixes related to size 512 regions, how they’re handled, and saved.
  • Fix for Chain Shot debuff not being synchronized, leading to obviously jitter movement as ships were moving at different speeds.
  • Type of the region, its level and other information will now be sync’d prior to entering the region. This should resolve a few issues where players would enter one instance, and the game would consider it to be another type, causing it to be “not quite right”.
  • Fix for water on 0% and 25% graphics quality in 512-sized regions.


    • Added /set freeControl = true if you want to disable the AI control talent point requirements.


  • /award# will now give items to observers controlling AI ships.


    • Shift+Click will now equip/unequip items. Ctrl+Click will now sell/salvage/destroy.


  • /pirateSpeak will now enable/disable player’s pirate speak translator if the server pirateSpeak setting is off.


    • Players belonging to the Pirate faction will now always have the Pirate Speak translator enabled.
    • Currently observed or controlled ship is now indicated as such on the map.
    • Gave friendly AI full situation awareness. They will now be aware of everything that’s going on in the region, rather than only stuff close to them. This effectively makes friendly AI smarter than that of pirates.
    • List of players will now show what type of instance the player is in.
    • Pirate Kings will now require talent point 75 or higher heroics.
    • Added /set morePirates = true ← will increase the number of pirates to match the number of players in the region.
    • Added /set moreRaids = true ← will make pirates occasionally raid safe regions.
    • Added a way to change the size of world’s regions. In each of the commands below, # defaults to 256 and can be from 128 to 512. 512 size regions have 4 times more space than the default ones. As a side bonus, size 512 instances can allow up to 30 players to be invited instead of the default 15. Note that you can expect the loading times to go up 4 times as well.


  • /set worldRegionSize = # ← will only affect regions that have not been visited
  • /set combatRegionSize = #
  • /set heroicRegionSize = #
  • /set battleRegionSize = #
  • NOTE: The observer mode won’t work properly if Heroic and Combat instances are set to different values. I’ll fix it in the next update.


  • New Developer build command: /uploadSymbol <name> ← will read a local Symbol called <name> from your Symbols folder and upload it to the server.
  • New Developer build command: /createSymbol <name> ← will create a new symbol with of specified type.
  • Added a new Developer build option for items: “give to everyone”. The item will be granted to everyone in the region.


    • /award# can no longer be used to give loot to yourself.
    • Ramming damage should no longer damage other players if white flag is equipped.
    • Added a new server setting: /set pirateSpeak = true that will auto-translate everyone’s speech to pirate english for fun or for roleplaying purposes.
    • Added in-game Steam friend has come online notifications.


  • /rename <new name> can now be used while controlling an AI to rename it (admin-only).


  • Your own Grog and other AoEs will now hurt you. I thought it was like that before, but apparently I had it work like that only for the dev version…


  • Players now require 50-350 talent points to control AI (depends on the AI’s boss tier).
  • Added /set kingRequirement = # where # is how many players are needed for a king to spawn. It’s 11 by default. It replaces the /set pirateKing = true setting.
  • Private profiles should no longer prevent turtle ship unlocks.


  • The new ship is now tied to 5000 contributed kills rather than killing blows, but it will still unlock from 5000 killing blows as well. Contributed kill = simply being near the NPC as it dies. I’ll keep adjusting this number to make it more in line with what I had in mind progression-wise.
  • Pirate kings now need 11+ players to show up.
  • Dragon breath ability sound should now be affected by the sound volume.
  • Players controlling Pirate Kings should now be able to use their dragon breath properly.


  • Improved performance for High and Ultra graphics settings.
  • Reduced the strength of Noxious Fumes’ Armor debuff.
  • Added a new ship. You must defeat a Pirate King and have over 5000 kills in order to unlock it. Pirate kings will appear on the Beginner 1 server in heroics with 14+ players in it.
  • Raised Zeppelin’s max speed from 150% to 170%.


Compra su Steam:

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Price: 9,99 €

Download Windward v.2017.06.17 for Windows from GigaCloud:

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