Windward by GigaRent si aggiorna alla versione v2015-10-26 sia per periferiche mobili (tablet e smartphone android) che per pc con una lunga lista di cambiamenti e miglioramenti.


Windward Log Cambiamenti:


  • Sloop of War and Schooner blueprints will now be unlocked from the start. Other ships still need to be found in the world and defeated first before they can be built in towns.
  • Flying ships should now be quite a bit faster while in the air (but slower while in the water).
  • Couple of minor fixes for modded ships such as explosions not working.



  • Increased player vault space from 30 slots to 120.
  • Fix for right-click to sell on cargo item showing an incorrect sale price.
  • Fix for “Stealthy” quest bonus objective not completing correctly.
  • Fixed brigantine’s sails going through the mainmast.
  • Sail color will now affect parts of the sails not affected by the colored symbols.
  • Adversaries should no longer always show up in sloops. As funny as it was, it was a bug.



    • Completely redesigned how ships are structured and stored in the resources. It’s now possible to create custom ships and package them into a single file that will then be picked up by the game. It’s a big change aimed at making modding ships much easier and will be explained with a video in the near future. Tutorial video:
    • Added two new ships, bringing the current number of playable ships to 15. Note that due to other changes below you won’t see new ships for sale until you unlock them.
    • Improved how ship sails are structured. Before every sail was a separate cloth item, but now all of the ship’s sails are under one object. This should improve performance, especially on mobile devices.
    • Added ghost ships (/set halloween = true).
    • Improved the look of all ships (more details are shown with higher graphics settings).
    • Before a ship can be purchased, one must now first find and defeat enough enemies sailing that ship (anywhere from 1 to 10, depending on your luck!). If you’ve already unlocked a ship prior to this update, it will stay unlocked.
    • Turtle Ship and Drekkar are no longer limited to King tier AI.
    • When ships become available to be used for AI is now settable via the config file.
    • Altered stats of ships starting from the Galleon onwards, making their stats balanced in regards to each other. Many ships now have higher stats as a result and there is now a much greater variety to choose from, whether you’re Defensive, Offensive, Support spec’d or a hybrid, you should now have an ideal ship for you.
    • Ships tab in towns will now show all ships for which the player has discovered blueprints, even if the town is too small to build them.
    • Players will now do more or less damage to AI ships based on whether they have encountered them before or not. Fighting a new ship type results in players dealing less damage to it than normal. This penalty is quickly reduced as the player defeats that ship type and is gone completely after 5 kills. Past that it turns into a bonus damage instead (up to 25%). This damage bonus is passive and stacks with everything else. The penalty doesn’t start until regions with talent point requirement of 9 and higher.
    • The Zeppelin can now be unlocked by discovering the blueprint like with other ships, then building it in-town. Doing so costs 1 million gold. The quest route is now half that amount.
    • Server admins can now upload custom pennant and sail textures (these are not symbols!) into Pennants and Sails folders, respectively. Same place the Symbols textures would go. The game will request unknown textures from the server automatically.
    • Added an admin command /upload <path> to upload something to the server. For example:
      • /upload Symbols/Some Texture.png ← will upload My Documents/Windward/Symbols/Some Texture.png to the server if it’s present.
      • /upload Pennants/Awesome Pennant.png ← will upload My Documents/Windward/Pennants/Awesome Pennant.png to the server.


  • /upload Ships/New Awesome Ship.bytes ← will upload My Documents/Windward/Ships/New Awesome Ship.bytes to the server.


    • Note that this command makes /uploadSymbol obsolete.
  • Exported ships can now be a part of mods by simply including them in the mod’s Ships folder and referencing them in the mod’s Config file. Using existing ship names will effectively overwrite the built-in ones, so if someone wants to create better models — they now can.
  • /set command used to set server options can now load files containing a more detailed hierarchy just like you see in the Config.txt and world.config files. Usage: /set <path>. The “path” is relative to the My Documents/Windward folder, so if you are trying to set symbols that will drop in the game as loot, create a file with contents like this:, modify it, save it as My Documents/Windward/symbols.txt, then use the /set symbols.txt command to send it over to the server. All this command will do is parse the file like it was a part of the config file and update the appropriate value on the server, automatically merging it with all existing data. You can use a different name than “symbols.txt” of course, just make sure it matches the /set command.
  • Server admins can now upload new custom ships to their server using the /upload command. All players will automatically download these new ships and they will appear in towns and will be used by NPCs as if they were built-in. No mods required this way, assuming the custom ships don’t use any custom code. I will make a tutorial for this Soon™. Tutorial video:
  • /get and /set commands now support hierarchical paths. For example:
    • /get Factions/Fac0/Multipliers
    • /set Factions/Fac0/Multipliers/Damage = 2
  • Completing a trade or a quest will now result in the town’s production/demand increasing or another quest getting added.
  • Trades that fulfil higher demands will now grant items to the player completing the trade. The greater the demand, the better the reward.
  • When towns gain levels their production and demands are no longer reset.
  • Quests now have random bonus objectives (up to 3), such as avoiding enemies or completing a trade along the way. Finishing a quest with a completed bonus objective gives an item as a reward. The more bonus objectives were completed, the better the reward.
  • World generation no longer places pirates everywhere. Most of the world will now be empty, up to players to colonize. Those that prefer action can still run instances or visit the regions that are still pirate-controlled.
  • It’s now possible to generate flag type items that change the texture used by the pennant on top of the ship’s mast(s), although I’ll leave this as admin rewards / modder items and will cover this in a future tutorial.
  • Added a slider to world creation that lets you adjust the amount of pirate-controlled regions when generating a new world. 0% = no pirates, empty world, yours to colonize. 100% = pirate towns in every region, yours to capture.
  • Added a 16th “ship” to the Halloween beta server as a server-side mod to test the new modding. If you choose to play there and see something odd flying around, remember: dev server. 🙂 And yes, you can unlock it by defeating another player flying it a few times, although it won’t follow you away to another server.
  • You can now specify pennant textures used by factions in the config file the same way you can specify symbols (pennant = “Texture Name”). Place the pennant texture in My Documents/Windward/Pennants. It must be a PNG, ideal dimensions of 128×32. The texture will be used as a mask by default where Red = grayscale, Green = mask showing which part is colored by primary and which by secondary pennant color. Blue = unused. Alpha = defines the shape of the pennant. If you don’t want it to be masked and want to use it as-is, make the texture’s name end with “RGB”. Example pennants can be found here: (but note that the game can only load PNGs).
  • Added /createPennant <name>, matching the /createSymbol command. To upload custom pennants, use the /upload command. The full process is as follows:
    • Create the pennant texture (128×32 dimensions) and save it under My Documents/Windward/Pennants/<Name>.png
    • If playing online or if you want to update an existing texture while in-game, use /upload Pennants/<Name>.png
    • Create the equippable pennant item using /createPennant <Name>
  • It’s now possible to have colored symbol textures. To have a colored symbol, simply have the texture name end with “RGB”:
  • Removed the timer on paints and dyes that would dry them and make them “baked in”. This makes it possible to always unequip customization items, restoring faction colors.
    • Note that restoring faction colors won’t work on ships created prior to this update. I chose to do it this way so that players won’t suddenly lose their chosen colors.
  • Made pennants show their texture in inventory much like symbols.
  • Created a ship modding project used by the ship modding tutorial video. ← requires Unity 4.6.9 ( Won’t work in Unity 5. Check the ReadMe file for a brief explanation of the steps necessary in order to create and add new ships to Windward or watch the video tutorial here:
  • Put up a new PvE server (Tasharen East Coast 1) with a world generated as 50% pirates, giving players the option to either fight or colonize, depending on their preference.



  • Updated the server to the latest version, merged from Starlink changes and migrated the lobby server to a new location. The game now points to this new location automatically, and all server admins need to update their WWServer.exe in order for their servers to show up. The old lobby will be shut down within a few days.
  • Changed the way town liberation works. Now when a town gets liberated, it will no longer get immediately flipped. Instead, a player will be given a choice whether to flip that town to the liberated faction and gain some rep with that faction.



  • Added extra code to prevent pirated versions from ruining players’ experience. The game has no DRM, so “cracking” an old version to mimic a newer version when connecting to the server is stupid, to say the least. Version checks are there for a reason. If you’re so hellbent on playing online with a pirated version, then just pirate the latest one, not some shady outdated version. Like I said: No DRM!
  • Added support for “flair” on ships. Currently in testing. Flair is basically extra decorations visible at mid to higher graphics settings. Only one ship has been set up with flair right now as it’s a prototype test feature for the time being. Bosses sailing this certain ship type will have flair visible. For players it’s an unlockable feature.
  • In case someone is curious what I’ve been doing recently… ← that! Newborns are a lot of work… 🙁


Compra su Steam:

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Price: 9,99 €
Price: 4,09 €


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