WindwardPlayStoreWindward by si aggiorna alla versione v2015-07-19.1.2 con una lunga lista di cambiamenti e miglioramenti ma sopratutto con l’aggiunta del supporto ai dispositivi mobile Android (Tablet e Smartphone).

Finalmente potrete giocare con i vostri amici da Windows, Linux e Mobile sul server GigaRent senza nessun problema.

Ufficialmente la compatibilità mobile supportata è dalle versioni di android lollipop 5.0 in su. Io però ho fato svariate prove anche su dispositivi con versioni kitkat 4.4 e ho potuto giocare alla perfezione senza riscontrare nessun problema.

Quindi anche se non possedete Android Lollipop 5.0 o superiore sul vostro dispositivo il mio consiglio è comunque di provare…

L’installazione e’ molto semplice, sarà sufficiente scaricare il file apk sul cloud direttamente da android e quindi, eseguirne l’installazione abilitando nelle impostazioni di sicurezza l’opzione “origini sconosciute“.

Qui di seguito trovate tutti i cambiamenti al gameplay rispetto alla precedente versione installata sul server GigaRent, buon Divertimento.

Windward Log Cambiamenti:

2015-07-19 – Now Live

  • Stationary turning is now based on the “minSpeed” value as well.
  • Challenge level now sets the default “minSpeed”. 200% challenge means minSpeed of 0.3 (30% speed when sailing into the wind). 50% challenge completely disables the wind mechanics (minSpeed set to 1). The default 100% challenge has minSpeed set to 0.65, exactly what it was before the wind changes.
  • /set minSpeed = 0.65 will manually change it back to how it was before the wind changes, regardless of the challenge setting.
  • Adjusted wind effectiveness curves for all ships. They should now sail at maximum speed from a much wider range of angles, depending on their sail configuration.
  • August 13th hotfix: ability to customize factions should now work properly again.


  • Pirate raid quest is no longer obtained from towns. Instead it will show up automatically when pirates raid the region the player is in. It will now also complete properly when all pirates are defeated.
  • Several controller-related tweaks to improve controller support.
  • Changes related to preparing Windward for Android TVs (NVidia Shield devices).
  • Added /set playersForRaids = # replacing /set moreRaids = true. The # represents how many players are needed for pirate raids to occur in non-frontier regions. It’s 5 by default.
  • /delete <regionID> has been renamed to /deleteRegion <regionID>.
  • /remove can now be used to remove options set by /set.
  • Added a new ship with a unique ability. It’s unlockable the same way as the Turtle Ship. Find a Pirate King sailing one, defeat it… profit!
  • Fixed low graphics quality water in regions with size above 256.
  • You can now set sailing speed in-game using /set minSpeed = # and /set maxSpeed = #, where # is a value between 0 and 1. By default minSpeed is 0.65 and maxSpeed is 1.0. If you set minSpeed to 0, it won’t be possible to sail directly into the wind anymore, forcing players to use tacking ( Note that minSpeed set to 0 is effectively “hard mode”. You won’t even be able to turn your ship if your sails can’t catch the wind. Note that AI is currently not smart enough to use tacking, so you may find them stubbornly sailing into the wind. Slowly.
  • Fixed an issue with the server-side config settings not taking hold when switching worlds.
  • Floating loot should no longer disappear quickly when going outside the 256 boundary on larger maps.
  • Wind now affects turning speed while stationary.
  • Wind will now vary from 50% to 100% strength (before it was from 35%).
  • Added in-game /help command that links to
  • Sail health now affects stationary turning speed, reducing it down to 25-75% with sails gone, depending on the challenge setting.
  • Reduced contribution requirements for new ships from 5000 to 3500.
  • Increased zoom while in town to let you see your ship easier while customizing it.


  • Fixed an issue with GOG version being XP limited in some situations.
  • Added a new command-line parameter: -noJoystick that will disable joystick input. If you are one of those players who had issues with mouse constantly disappearing, use this flag when starting the game.


Windward per Mobile:

Price: 4,09 €

Download Windward v2017.06.03.0 for Android from GigaCloud:


Windward per Desktop:

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Price: 9,99 €

Download Windward v.2017.06.17 for Windows from GigaCloud:

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