GRAND OPENING 30-09-2016 19:00pm
Lineage II Memories Gracia Final L2Off

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Official Website: GigaRent Fun
Official Forum: GigaRent Labs Forum
Official Facebook Page: HERE


 XP/SP | x5
Drop/Spoil | x10
Vitality | x2
Herb | x2
AI Adena/Exp| x5
Adena | x10
Raid Boss Drop | x5
Safe Enchant | Retail (+3, +4 for Full Body)

Gracia Final Retail Feature:

Territory War
Castle / Fortress / Clan / Residence Pailaka
3 vs 3 Olympiad / Aerial Cleft
Gracia and Seeds / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction
Aerial Hunting / Flying Transformations / Airships
Aerial Collection / Ground Collection
Vesper (S84) Weapon/Armor / Dual Daggers / Sigil / Icarus (S84) Weapons
Fantasy Isle / Handy’s Block Checker / Kratei’s Cube


Auto Pickup | Enables/disables | .looton/.lootoff
(1200 range max)
Offline Trader | Enables | .offline
Exp On Off | Enables/disables | .expon/.expoff
Server Time | Enables | .time

Buff Slot System:

Maximum (normal) slot count | 20 Slots
Maximum slots from Divine Inspiration | 4 Slots

Premium System:

Earn GPoints by Registering to GigaRent Fun | 5 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Login to GigaRent Fun | 2 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Daily Visit to GigaRent Fun | 2 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Voting for the Server | 40 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Donating for the Server | ∞ GPoints

Exchange 100 GPoints to ingame Coin of Luck | 100 Coins of Luck

InGame Premium Service:

Get 1kk Adena | 100 Coin of Luck
Make Nobless | 1000 Coins of Luck
1st Class Change | 100 Coins of Luck
2nd Class Change | 300 Coins of Luck
3rd Class Change | 500 Coins of Luck

InGame Premium Shop:

Fortuna Cube C-A | 300/1200 Coins of Luck
Variouse Potions-Elixir-Scroll | 1/350 Coins of Luck
Rune of Exp-Sp-Rp | 100/5000 Coins of Luck
Variouse Consumable Items | 50/1200 Coins of Luck
Fashion Items and Agathion | 50/500 Coins of Luck
Premium Pet Ticket | 30 Coins of Luck
Trasformation Scroll | 50 Coins of Luck
Kamaloka Reuse Ticket | 5/50 Coins of Luck
Teleport Bookmark | 50/70 Coins of Luck
Title Name Color Changer | 50 Coins of Luck

Server Rules:

  • It is strictly prohibited the use of cheats and bots.
  • Insults at players and gm will be punished with temporary or permanent ban from the entire account.
  • The sale of accounts / items for money will be punished with a permanent account ban and items cancellation of the seller and the buyer.
  • The secondary clans may be expropriated by ClanHall (after warning by GM) if the server gameplay makes it necessary.
  • The use and the non- signaling of any specific exploits / bugs / glitches by players will be punished with temporary or permanent account ban.
  • Is prohibited impersonate gm or claim to act in his name.
  • The use of names/tags/crest offensive for the community may lead to action by the GM.

Dedicated Staff with years of experience – 24/7.
Anytime Ticket Support for any problem.

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