During this holiday event, monsters will drop an assortment of special items to make the season bright, such as unique Echo Crystals that play carols. The monsters roaming Aden are also carrying tree branches and ornaments that can be given to the Santa Trainee to create your own small Christmas tree.

To make your small Christmas tree, you will need:

  • 4 Star Ornaments
  • 4 Bead Ornaments
  • 10 Fir Tree Branches
  • 1 Flower Pot

Give the Santa Trainee 10 small Christmas trees and he will give you a special Christmas tree, which has a magical effect of increasing health and magic regeneration while under its branches. Special Christmas trees can be summoned anywhere in-game, but you will not receive the magical effects of the tree if it is summoned anywhere inside peace zones.

The Santa Trainees in the starting villages also give holiday blessings to adventurers who haven’t been too naughty this year. These buffs will help you in your hunt for both monsters and presents.

Happy Holidays from Lineage II!

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