VERSION (18-MAR-2016)

  • Reenabled autowipe
  • Added featured community servers (more on this soon!)
  • Added minimize button to chat winow, next to scroll buttons

VERSION (18-MAR-2016)

  • Fixed pitcher plant placement and despawn
  • Fixed issue where binary effects wouldn’t stack properly in the interface
  • Added proper configuration for Sunscreen binary effect
  • Made construction menu usable at low resolutions
  • Added vehicle unclaim button to player inventory – you can now unclaim your car at any time by going into your inventory, clicking the cog icon, and clicking “Unclaim Current Vehicle”
  • Fixed missing salt flats in Diemensland
  • Fixed blast furnace low lod texture
  • Made signs in claimed territories only editable by authorised players
  • Fixed shader issue with sky not displaying correctly on OpenGL
  • Increased vehicle maximum cap in Diemensland
  • Added community made map – arena_valley by Anthony Cuellar!
VERSION (9-MAR-2016)
  • Major refactor to the way maps are loaded to support the Map SDK. Player made maps can now be loaded into the engine.
  • Added ambient sounds for each biome, and day/night
  • Added 3 new ambient music tracks
  • Added writable signs
  • Added guard for players getting below terrain
  • Added crosshair progress indicator when mining resource nodes
  • Fixed issues with mouse remapping
  • Fixed an issue where placing construction items while jumping could push you through walls
  • Added Blizzard weather event, which will make you much colder if you’re out in the open
  • Improved UI performance
  • Made pistol significantly cheaper
  • Added ambient visual effects for Forest and Arctic biomes (leaves and snow)
  • Made structures have a distance based LOD as well as screen space, to improve client performance
  • Changed drill placement so the construction item itself enforces the exclusion distance – you will not be able to place drills close to each other
  • Made ownership stake smoke significantly more efficient
  • Made ownership stakes only begin smoking 20 minutes from their deathorisation
  • The Goat’s Mangler wheel can now be shot out properly
  • Cars are now can’t be claimed if they’re not drivable (have 4 wheels, engine, gearbox)
  • Cars are now able to be dissasembled with the Wrench if they are claimed, at a slower rate than unclaimed cars
  • Disassembled cars now drop better loot
  • Vastly improved server performance on player connection and disconnection
  • Improved 3rd person crouched bow pose
  • Infamy will now not be reduced by death
  • Added a Binary Effects display to the hotbar (e.g. Burning, Hypothermia, Starving, etc)
  • Added Binary Effects visuals for Burning, Wet, and Poisoned
  • Being an outlaw will now make your nametag red for other players
  • Added AFK kicker – players will be kicked automatically if they are detected as inactive. You can set this with afkkicktime <seconds> (default is 15 minutes)
  • Fixed issue where savegames could fail to save player progress if they took too long to disconnect
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.3.2p4
  • Fixed a major server side performance issue when sending new objects to clients
  • Added new console command bakenavmesh <map> which will create a new AI navmesh for player made maps
  • Disabled some APIs being used to fake player numbers
  • Made gunsmoke less intensive on FPS
  • Extended server and client FPS readouts to format <average> (<min> – <max>) , the min and max show the fastest and slowest frame across the sample. Helping debug fps spikes.
  • Added force single threaded renderer launch option, some machines see a large drop in input latency with this set. Framerates will be slightly lower, but overall feels tighter to me.
  • Fixed some scenarios where the shotgun would get into a broken state and keep reloading
  • Improved vehicle exits to make them less likely to push players through walls
  • Fixed an issue where placing an ownership stake while there was currently one deauthorising would make that stake not work
VERSION (05-FEB-2016)
  • Vehicles use drastically less CPU while not being driven
  • Added no-building zones to all roads
  • Added decay to ownership stakes. Stakes will now require Amber or they will deauthorise. More info on this below.
  • Added ownership to vehicles. You can now claim one vehicle.
  • Added decay to vehicles. Unclaimed vehicles will be destroyed over time.
  • Added Wrench. This item can be used to disassemble vehicles, which will drop a loot crate.
  • Added new Goat wheel – the Mangler
  • Added new Roach wheel – the Toretto
  • Adjusted think speeds on most objects, and adjusted how they report costs. This should fix issues in high-pop servers where FPS was high but there were significant delays in things being processed by the load balancer.
  • Changed how AI path around buildings – this should hopefully stop animals running through walls
  • Made spawning weather perform much better
  • Added more tools for debugging performance
  • Fixed jitter on Server Browser scrollbar
  • Added server IP binding – use the <code>bindip <ip></code> command.
  • Updated localisation
  • Added scrollable chat
  • Made Russian hat a top tier head item
  • Added 2 new drills that can only be placed in the red desert and snow respectively, they will yield rare ores
  • Can no longer swap items on write only slots


  • Added pistol
  • Added a quick dirty inaccuracy to guns, movement speed and firing in rapid succession both contribute to an inaccuracy factor. Its by no means the changes I plan to implement for recoil, however its the best I could do in an hour with no sleep. Hopefully it makes guns slightly less OP.
  • Split pistol, bolt and AR to different ammo types
  • Added 10 animal masks that sometimes drop from each creature
  • Added bor backpacks
  • Added Russian Hat
  • Added Landcrab Mine
  • Added Poison Trap
  • Added Medusa Vine
  • Added storage chest (20 slots)
  • Goat now has its own engine, wheels and gearbox slot type
  • Vehicle parts can no longer be removed from vehicles once added
  • Vehicles no longer spawn with parts in them, you must find them in loot caches
  • Town loot caches respawn twice as fast and have a higher upper limit count
  • Reworked most of the loot cache loot table, det caps + wheels are more common
  • Fixed hovercars
  • Ownership stakes can no longer be picked up by a hammer and must be destroyed with an iron axe or better
  • Static construction prefabs now refund a percentage of their cost
  • Sombrero is now craftable
  • Added mask face slot to character
  • Drills no longer mine metals above iron, this is a temp fix until I have time to balance them better
  • Gasoline recipe now makes 3 instead of 5
  • Sunscreen now provides 50 sun protection instead of 100
  • Aussie Hat now provides 50 sun protection instead of 120
  • Aussie hat costs more
  • Skater hat now reduces fall damage by 50%
  • Flannel costs slightly more
  • Ownership stakes now need to be placed at ground level or on a rock
  • Fixed ownership stakes interaction volume being too tall and sometimes poking through the roof of buildings
  • Reduced interaction distance from 5 to 3 meters
  • Made storage locker more expensive to craft
  • Decreased leather drop rate


To connect simply use launcher PlayGigaRent.exe
or use address:

Developer: Bankroll Studios
Price: 22,99 โ‚ฌ

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