Ecco la lista degli aggiornamenti effettuati.

VERSION (11-DEC-2015)

  • Fixed Ghost Ride the Whip Bug (Auto driving cars)

VERSION (11-DEC-2015)

  • Fixed regression in respawn for new players to a server
  • Improved performance of parked vehicles

VERSION (10-DEC-2015)

  • Added timer to respawn – if you are authorised at an ownership stake, your respawn time will increase by <IncreaseOnDeath(default 10)> seconds every time you die. You respawn time will fall down back to 10 seconds over time. These values are configurable per server. spawncooldown <FalloffSpeed> <IncreaseOnDeath> – see wiki for details
  • Added combatlogtimeout server setting, players will stay in the game for <default(10)> seconds after they disconnect, you can’t reconnect while your dummy is still in game (this is not the best solution but will do for now)
  • Added ability to ban players by SteamID (ban <steamid64>, unban <steamid64>)
  • Fixed groundsliding bug
  • Fixed megajump exploit
  • Tweaked the town crate loot tables a bit
  • Fixed storms only happening once per restart
  • Moved doors from deferred spawn to instant spawn on client
  • Fixed vehicles falling through the world / moving around while idle (this turned out to be a bug in physx so is pretty hard to nail down completely, looks to be stable now though)
  • Changed server browser to handle high number of servers, as well as implemented favorites.
  • Fixed some issues with spawners where vehicles and loot could stop spawning
  • Added no-build zones to relics that were missing them
  • Removed stupily high sun protection from T-Shirts


Developer: Bankroll Studios
Price: 22,99 €

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