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Con le relative Patch Note:

VERSION (13-DEC-2015)
This patch is the first part of a series to address the cheats that have appeared over the weekend.
This is not the final solution but should heavily reduce the impact of them until I finish my security refactor and add EAC later this week.
This patch also adds a much needed global banlist. If you see anyone cheating, please report them via reddit and we will ban them from all servers.

Speed Hacking is now impossible
Mele weapons can not attack over restricted range and attack speed
Added global banlist
Fixed k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketInvalidAlreadyUsed being returned by steam after spamming connect

Developer: Bankroll Studios
Price: 22,99 โ‚ฌ

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”HurtWorld by Full”]

[sc_download_cloud price=”5″ url=”!vIYFHZ6b!LhyJlXNCvD6G9nLewrTYsTDnSSE9zzQ7nY9mvN484Qo” name=”HurtWorld by Update to″]


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