VERSION (23-DEC-2015)
Fixed players becoming invincible
Removed a buttload of debug messages from the server
Fixed severs trying to send voice chat to combat logged players

VERSION (23-DEC-2015)
You can no longer stand up from crouch if there is no space to do so. This should prevent a lot of exploits around getting into rocks / through base walls
Infamy will now not count empty slots as a drop
Infamy will now drop 2 slots if you are an Outlaw
Shadows can now be turned off entirely (set distance to 0)
Vehicle parts are no longer protected items and will drop on death
Steam names and chat will now be stripped of Rich Text tags
Added anti-spam filter to chat. To set the allowed chat budget per player, use "chatspambudget <value>". Default is 500.
Fixed shutdown command
Players can no longer join a server while it is shutting down
Fixed construction hammer sometimes breaking the UI
Server admins can now ban words in chat. Create a list of banned words in "bannedwords.txt", in the same location as your autoexec
Server admins can now mute players in chat. Use "mute <steamID> <seconds>"
Servers can now disable connection and death notices in chat. Use "chatconnectionmessagesenabled <value>" and "chatdeathmessagesenabled <enabled>" respectively
Fixed unbanning players not persisting across server restarts


To connect simply use launcher PlayGigaRent.exe
or use address:

Developer: Bankroll Studios
Price: 22,99 €

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”HurtWorld by (Full)”]

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