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VERSION (19-DEC-2015)
Fixed some EAC installer issues
Fixed the command line arguments being passed to the game
Fixed interaction colliders on doors being glitchy
Fixed serverstatus command
Server update is recommended

VERSION (19-DEC-2015)
This update includes Easy Anti Cheat and includes better server browser information about wipes.
If you open the browser you'll notice the wipe schedule column. This shows how long since wipe, and if scheduled, how long until wipe.
autowipe <0/1>
wipeinterval <seconds>

Full Change List
Added EAC
Fixed some performance issues related to shitloads of drills eventually killing server FPS
Made door colliders thicker to prevent people glitching through them
Fixed the ability to place ownership stakes inside rocks
Fixed AuthTicketAlreadyUsed again (hopefully properly this time)

Fix for corrupted player data causing a player identity wipe, if you have backups that failed to load last time, try now they should work.
If a server fails to load a savegame, it will now abort instead of overwriting the autosave with a fresh start.
Developer: Bankroll Studios
Price: 22,99 €

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