December 4th, 2017

Rev. 244816


  • The Forge is now closed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where skins and profile level may sometimes not work properly when joining a server via Steam Friends list.

November 30th, 2017

Rev. 244388


  • Added 8 new Accomplishments for The Forge.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing w/a/s/d in text boxes will no longer trigger sound effects.
  • Fixed controller bugs in the Curio Cabinet and Lobby screens.
  • Fixed All Survivors Forge Chest review screen layout.

November 23rd, 2017

Rev. 243407

  • Console commands now use the new text auto-completion.
  • Fixed bug where pasting text into the console with [Ctrl+V] would toggle off “Remote”.
  • Fixed bug where certain symbols before “:” would prevent auto-completion for chat emoticons.
  • Fixed bug where random character selection sometimes loads the wrong clothing options.
  • Selecting heads in the Curio Cabinet will now load the full outfit.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for some Belongings in the Curio Cabinet.
  • Fixed bug where controller Backpack slots may not reappear when resuming a game as Werebeaver and later transforming back to Woodie.
  • Fixed bug where controller crafting and inventory did not close automatically when Woodie transforms into Werebeaver.
  • Fixed bug with Backpack skins not working properly in game.
  • Fixed issues causing Shop purchases in certain regions to fail due to Steam’s new currency requirements.

November 21st, 2017

Rev. 242908

  • Added a new auto complete system for character emotes and chat emoticons:
    • Pressing Enter or Tab will complete the highlighted suggestion
    • Pressing Esc will dismiss the suggestions
  • Fixed character quotes for Hallowed Nights skins.

November 16th, 2017

Rev. 242441

  • Fixed bug with Profile Icons and Portrait Backgrounds not showing up properly in the Caves.
  • Fixed display names for wet items.

November 15th, 2017

Rev. 242238

  • Fix bug where XP and chests did not update properly until the game was closed and restarted.

November 14th, 2017

Rev. 242081

  • Re-opened the Trade Inn.
  • Fixed missing Bernie or Abigail if a player rejoins after being disconnected right as the match starts.
  • Fixed invisible Werebeaver bug when using Woodie’s Gladiator or Challenger skins.
  • Fixed animation bug when using Step Dance emote while mounted.
  • Fixed animation bug when reading The End Is Nigh: Gilded Edition.
  • Fixed animation becoming frozen sometimes while opening chests in the Treasury.
  • Fixed issues causing Weaving items to fail unexpectedly.
  • Added more detailed messages explaining errors while purchasing items in the Shop.

November 12th, 2017

Rev. 241842

  • Fixed bug causing some players to disconnect at the end of a match.
  • Fixed bug where action fail speech is sometimes triggered when attacking with the Spiral Spear.

November 10th, 2017

Rev. 241754

  • Fixed bug where Magma Golem sometimes did not attack targets that should be just within range.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when clients are disconnected from the Lobby screen.
  • Loading screens will now randomize properly.

November 9th, 2017

Rev. 241609

  • Fixed WX78’s Circuit Breaker Accomplishment
  • Fixed crash sometimes when cancelling special ability targeting.
  • Fixed match sometimes ending incorrectly when killing the Grand Forge Boarrior before the Boarons.
  • Fixed occasional crash when voting to start.
  • Fixed connection issues sometimes when creating a Custom Match.
  • Fixed issue where Vampire Batling item could not be crafted.
  • Fixed duplicate Vampire Batling from appearing in the Curio Cabinet.
  • Fixed Wolfgang Gladiator body clothing when mighty.

November 9th, 2017 – The Forge

Rev. 241351

  • The Forge is now live!

Bug Fixes

  • Wearing Hallowed Nights skins will now always give the correct amount of candy from the Pig King.

October 31st, 2017

Rev. 239925

  • Fixed bug where new Hallowed Nights content may not have spawned in for some old worlds.
  • Existing worlds that were saved with Forge item skins, will no longer crash on load.
  • Fixed Elegant Wendy’s Lureplant head icon to include just the head, and not the body.

October 30th, 2017 – Hallowed Nights

Rev. 239637

  • The Hallowed Nights are upon you.
  • Existing worlds, with the Event world settings set to Auto, will have Hallowed Nights content retrofitted into the world.
  • To create a world with all current and future events disabled, set the Event world settings to None.

The Forge Beta (since October 23rd, 2017)

October 27th, 2017

Rev. 239466

  • [F] and [Spacebar] actions now work while right click targeting is active.
  • Fixed custom match creation for Mac users.
  • Fixed rare crash when weaving items.
  • Fixed Pugna’s Ham Bat skin when item is dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed Friendliest Friend display.
  • Matches that have already started will be correctly hidden from the server browser.
  • Player levels are now shown correctly in the server browser.
  • Audio bug fixes.

October 27th, 2017

Rev. 239344

  • Fixed bug where match does not start if someone disconnects during the countdown.
  • Fixed bug where Abigail, Pit Pigs, and Baby Spiders can sometimes get stuck outside the Arena indefinitely.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when using Quick Match.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Willow’s Challenger and Gladiator skins.
  • Fixed animation bug with Feathered Wreath skin.
  • Renamed some of the creatures.
  • Players’ levels are now displayed in the Lobby.
  • Fixed missing meter in Ice Flingomatic animations.

October 25th, 2017

Rev. 239003

  • Added a mods warning when clicking “Enter The Forge”.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when using emojis.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when using Quick Match.
  • Reduced the delay between rounds when Battlemaster Pugna is talking.
  • Added total death count to match results screen.
  • Fixed animation bug when throwing Lucy.
  • Fixed bug where match would be lost even if the last standing Player dies right after successfully triggering revival on another Player.

October 24th, 2017

Rev. 238822

  • Creating a Forge custom match will no longer prompt you to re-enter your own password.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when starting a Quick Match.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when using controllers in The Forge.
  • Fixed crash for some clients when selecting a character in The Forge.
  • Fixed bug where Bernie cannot be revived if Willow reconnects to a match in progress.
  • Fixed missing eyebrows on Wigfrid’s Challenger skin.
  • Fixed spoilage icons in your inventory (for regular game modes).
  • Fixed crash when inspecting Raised Dirt.
  • Fixed crash in the translation mods popup window.
  • Fixed server issues when client disconnects during inventory verification.
  • Various string fixes.

October 23rd, 2017

Rev. 238699


  • The Forge Beta is now live!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash sometimes when breaking Fences with a Torch or Willow’s Lighter.
  • Fixed bug with Bearger getting stuck trying to take food out of Snow Chester.
  • Fixed bug where clicking to switch targets sometimes fails when holding down the attack key.
  • Fixed controller issues with fishing at the Lake.
  • Fixed UI focus issues when typing in text boxes.

September 18th, 2017

Rev. 233071

  • Fixed issues with running the game on Windows XP.

September 13th, 2017

Rev. 232355


  • Winona has entered the world of Don’t Starve Together.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some cases where world save files can become corrupted.

August 2nd, 2017

Rev. 226323

  • Fixed bug with Abigail’s damage aura if she was hurt while spawning.
  • Fixed missing tooltip for Succulent ingredient tiles.
  • Fixed controller bug where dropping items could interrupt some character states unintentionally.
  • Fixed memory leak when using threaded renderer.
  • Improved World Gen random seed.

July 13th, 2017

Rev. 223464

  • Fixed some issues with attack controls when using Blow Darts on clients.
  • Improved string formatting for better translations.

June 22nd, 2017

Rev. 220849

  • Fixed issue with input dropping for some people on OSX.
  • Fixed crash when using a Napsack on a mounted player on a PvP enabled server.
  • Fixed bug where bait can sometimes disappear when picking up a Bird Trap.
  • Updated Player battle cries when fighting Pig Men.

May 25th, 2017

Rev. 218082

  • Lazy Forager no longer picks up placed Tooth Traps or Bee Mines.
  • World customization for Cactus will now properly affect Cacti in the Oasis as well.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Players enter and exit Caves while wearing a Bone Helm.
  • Fixed bug where Splumonkies could try to pick up heavy items or unique items like Star-sky.
  • Fixed bug where items may not be restored to their correct state when unwrapping Bundled Supplies.

May 23rd, 2017

Rev. 217693

  • Increased Napsack duration to 20 seconds.
  • Improved controller targeting priority for Mini Signs on top of Chests.
  • Added missing inspect strings for Bone Helm.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Players disconnect while wearing a Bone Helm.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when spawning Spider Queen.
  • Fixed bug where Klaus can sometimes get stuck in casting animation.
  • Fixed bug where healing Toadstool may cause additional Shroom Skins to drop.
  • Fixed bug where Glommer can sometimes spawn more than once in a full moon after a server is shut down and then resumed.

May 18th, 2017 – Bonus Update

Rev. 217370


  • Carrying a Thulecite Medallion now reveals the location of the Ancient Key on your minimap. (Even if the key is inside a container, or carried by a player or Ancient Guardian.)
  • Ancient Fuelweaver now drops a Bone Helm, which attracts Shadow Creatures but prevents them from attacking you unless provoked.
  • Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose, and Dragonfly now drop Sketches for crafting sculptures in their image.
  • Added secret recipes for crafting replicas of the Ruins Relics.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced Volt Goat physics radius. (Now matches Beefalo size.)
  • Fixed ocean waves animation glitch when rotating the camera.
  • Fixed missing speech strings for Maxwell overusing Birds of the World.
  • Fixed incorrect loot tables for Monkeys in normal and Nightmare phases.
  • Fixed bug where Poison Birchnut Tree Trunks did not save properly and drop Living Logs.
  • Fixed bug where Tree Trunks may not turn to Ash properly when burnt off-screen.
  • Fixed bug where Heal action can show up for Player ghosts.
  • Fixed bug where Bug Net Catch action can show up for insects in inventory or containers.
  • Fixed bug where Werepigs sometimes fail to transform back to normal Pigmen.
  • Fixed bug with Bearger’s ground pound sometimes incorrectly deals damage multiple times to the same target.
  • Fixed bug where Klaus’s Loot Stash may respawn incorrectly sometimes after a server is restarted.
  • Fixed bug where Beefalo Horn still sounds even when the action is interrupted.
  • Fixed bug where Spider Queen can sometimes spawn on invalid ground.

April 28th, 2017

Rev. 215079

  • Fixed bug where Birchnutters can still escape while frozen.
  • Fixed missing emote sounds for /sit and /squat
  • Fixed missing mount sounds for yawn animation.
  • Fixed missing dirt in dug Spiky Bush animations.
  • Fixed incorrect inspect strings for picked Succulents.
  • Fixed bug where hover text may not reset correctly on mod configuration screen.
  • Fixed rarity of the The Ancient Explorer.

April 27th, 2017

Rev. 214994

  • Added sound effects for mounted emotes.
  • Added an inspect window for Scarecrow skins.
  • Meteor impact no longer destroys Backpacks.
  • Reduced physics radius for Mushtrees and Cave Banana Trees.
  • Fixed missing torso in some Woodie animations.
  • Fixed bug where Tooth Traps sometimes slide on the ground when deployed.

April 25th, 2017

Rev. 214724

  • Floppy Straw Hat skin can now be applied Rain Hat and Miner Hat.
  • /joy emote can now be used while mounted.
  • Eating or cooking a Mandrake will no longer put Players (other than yourself) to sleep on non-PvP servers.
  • Fixed bug where mounts are unaffected by AoE sleep even after their rider is knocked out.
  • Fixed bug where Bearger can sometimes move at running speed while walking.

April 24th, 2017

Rev. 214603

  • Spear skins can now be applied to Fire Staff and Ice Staff.
  • Fixed crash when an invalid parameter is passed to the /rollback command
  • Fixed bug where Unseen Hands could not be damaged by casting the Weather Pain.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Creatures being removed by the destabilizing Ancient Gateway were still dropping loot.
  • Fixed animation glitches in the Player mind control loop.
  • Fixed animation bug when chopping down a burning Poison Birchnut Tree.
  • Fixed bug where using Fire or Ice Staff against a charged Volt Goat would electrocute the caster.
  • Fixed bug where using any ranged weapon against a target wearing Scalemail would burn the attacker.
  • Fixed bug where failing to catch a Boomerang while wearing Scalemail would burn yourself.

April 21st, 2017

Rev. 214437


  • Giants and ANR bosses now gain temporary resistance against excessive damage from explosives. The base amount of damage from explosives is still the same, and the first stack of explosives will still do full damage. Subsequent stacks of explosives will do reduced damage until the temporary resistance begins fading after a few seconds.
  • Ancient Cane skin can now be applied to The Lazy Explorer.
  • All Top Hat skins can now be applied to Prestihatitator.
  • The Lazy Explorer and Prestihatitator skins can be selected during crafting whether their ingredients were skinned or not.
  • /sit, /squat, and /swoon emotes can now be used while mounted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Players sometimes cannot use any text commands (e.g. /roll) for a short time after voting.
  • Fixed bug where Heal action appears on Sand Spikes and Sand Castles.
  • Fixed bug where some invalid items could be traded to the Antlion.
  • Fixed bug where stacked projectile weapons could disappear when slipping out of the Player’s hands in the rain.

April 18th, 2017

Rev. 214001

  • Vote window will now show the name of the player that initiated the vote request.
  • Votes can only be initiated by Players who have survived a minimum of 20 days, or the oldest Player if nobody meets that requirement.
  • Vote kicks will still be carried out even if the target client is no longer online by the end of the vote.
  • Bone armor will now shield against Earthquake and Cave-in debris.
  • Updated /yawn and /sleepy emote animations for mounted Players.
  • Mounted Players will now also bow to the Bee Queen Crown.
  • One-man Band no longer lowers dapperness for your own pets.
  • Willow is now less prone to dropping below freezing temperature from her insanity chills.
  • Tumbleweeds and Crumpled Packages will no longer drop Unknown Blueprints.
  • Fixed bug where Wee MacTusk did not drop loot.
  • Fixed bug where Sand Spikes and Sand Castles can be burnt repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug where the Bug Net could sometimes catch dead bugs.
  • Fixed bug where Lucy did not remember the possessed Axe’s original durability after shutting down and resuming a world.
  • Fixed bug where Players are sometimes listed as choosing their character when they are entering or exiting the Caves.
  • Fixed death announcement when a Player is electrocuted by a charged Volt Goat.

A New Reign (since August 11th, 2016) 

This list only contains updates that were transferred from the A New Reign beta to the main branch. For a detailed overview over the beta updates, see A New Reign’s.

April 7th, 2017

Rev. 212991

  • Fixed crash sometimes when retrofitting A New Reign content into existing worlds.
  • Bunnyman will no longer switch to Beardlord specific animations, since not all players may be seeing them as Beardlords at the same time.

April 6th, 2017 – Release Build 

Rev. 212819


  • Search the desert for new surprises shrouded by the Sandstorm in summer.
  • Pay tribute to the Antlion to prevent Sinkholes above ground and Cave-ins underground, as well as earn other rewards.
  • Added Desert Goggles, a must have when walking into a Sandstorm.
  • Added The Lazy Deserter, a magical device used for teleporting players to each other.
  • Added /sit and /squat emotes.
  • Discover the secret entrance to the new Atrium zone inside the Caves and unlock the mysteries lying deep within the Heart of the Ruins.
  • Ornate Chests can no longer be destroyed, and the Large Ornate Chest now contains better loot, including an Ancient Key.
  • The Shadow Atrium can now be used to resurrect Odd Skeletons. Results may vary, depending on where you attempt this dangerous ritual!
  • Ruins music is back!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with Dragonfly sometimes not resetting properly when teleported away before engaging.
  • Fixed bug causing Bee Queen to summon more Grumble Bees than normal whenever they chase players too far away while enraged.
  • Bundling Wrap is now learnt from a Blueprint dropped by Bee Queen (or Klaus’s Loot Stash).
  • Mandrakes now have a chance to drop from Klaus’s Loot Stash.
  • Unwrapping Bundled Supplies will now check for valid ground before dropping the items.
  • Fossil Fragments lying on the ground can no longer be smashed by earthquake debris.
  • Broken Thulecite Crown will now auto-equip the next one immediately even if there is currently a shield.
  • Fixed hair animation layering bug when mounted with a heavy object.
  • Beefalo will no longer walk away from you when you are trying to carry a heavy object onto it.
  • Players will now play the correct animation when casting spells while mounted.
  • Fire Staff and Ice Staff can now be used while mounted.
  • /yawn and /sleepy emotes can now be used while mounted.
  • Blueprints can now be learnt while mounted.
  • Melted Mini Glaciers will now dry up in Summer or near a Campfire.
  • Fixed bug where Pengulls stopped spawning after the first year.
  • Fixed bug where poop thrown by Splumonkey can land and stay outside of valid ground.
  • Fixed bug where Hounds can sometimes fail to spawn for players standing near the edge of the world.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when a Player disconnects during Hound attacks.
  • Fixed bug where auto-attack fails to target Werepigs drawn to the Moon Stone.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Chesspieces sometimes have a long delay before transforming.
  • Fixed bug where hammering an Ancient Pseudoscience Station can sometimes fail to produce a random spawn.
  • Fixed bug where Giants were not destroying Mini Glaciers properly.
  • Fixed bug where Pengulls did not react properly when damaged by Blow Darts.
  • Fixed bug where Poison Birchnut Trees will never resume combat once they have gone off-screen once.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Poison Birchnut Trees go off-screen.
  • Fixed item drop bugs for various structures when Deconstructed or hammered.
  • Fixed bug where Ghosts can sometimes still do damage after dying.
  • Fixed bug where insanity overlays sometimes do not show up properly when a player loads in with low sanity.
  • Fixed bug where Buzzards and other flying creatures can sometimes appear to be stuck in the air.
  • Fixed bug where Lucy did not remember if she possessed an Axe or Luxury Axe after shutting down and resuming a world.
  • Fixed bug where some caged Birds never fall asleep.
  • Poisoned Canaries will no longer trigger Bird Traps and become invisible.
  • Spore Clouds will no longer make pets go hungry.
  • Flowers planted by players or bees will no longer grow back after being picked.
  • Fixed bug where burnt Flowers would not grow back over time.
  • Fixed bug where Players can sometimes encounter a single rogue Eye Plant somewhere in the World.
  • Fixed bug where Earthquake frequency customization had the opposite effect.
  • Fixed bug where Klaus’s Deer could sometimes spawn in the ocean.
  • Fixed bug where Lanterns picked up by the mouse cursor did not turn off when another item was equipped onto the hand slot.
  • Optimizations for particle and sound effects on objects such as Torches.
  • Physics optimization for recently placed structures.
  • Minor reduction to the collision radius of Wardrobes and Meat Bulbs.
  • Caves world gen is now guaranteed to add the Ancient Guardian.
  • Forest world gen is now guaranteed to add the Pig King.

February 27th, 2017

Rev. 208233

  • Wildfires will no longer trigger while the ground is still wet and drying off after rain.
  • Fixed Meat Bulb instant spawning bug caused by attacking it immediately after planting.
  • Fixed bug where Birchnut Tree leaves were sometimes in the wrong season.

February 16th, 2017

Rev. 206676

  • Fixed bug when trying to pick up Cherub’s Heart using a controller.
  • Fixed bug in calculating diminishing returns for WX-78’s Overcharge.

February 14th, 2017 – Valentine’s Day 

Rev. 206206


Valentines Day cards released along with the update.

  • Cherub’s Heart and /swoon emote added as Loyal items.
  • The command /eyerub now also works for the /sleepy emote.
  • Improved controller support for main menu gift popup.
  • Improved mouseover detection for ground oriented entities.

Bug Fixes

  • Mini Glaciers will no longer spawn too close to Campfires, Fire Pits, and Scaled Furnaces.
  • Woodie will no longer get stuck at 0% beaverness when he dies from hunger as a Beaver.
  • Full moon phases now start and stop properly in Lights Out mode.
  • Moon Dial now has a global minimap icon, like all other structures crafted from Moonlenses.
  • Fixed rare networking bug for minimap icons.
  • Fixed bug where depleted Red Lanterns did not turn off after a server reset.
  • Fixed bug where Life Giving Amulets are sometimes not consumed if a Player disconnects during resurrection.
  • Fixed crash sometimes after Batilisks escape through Cave Lights.
  • Fixed animation layering bug when Wolfgang changes Mightiness while mounted.
  • Fixed animation glitch when players are frozen while wearing a Top Hat.
  • Fixed animation glitch when No-Eyed Deer run into old trees with their Antlers.
  • Fixed animation glitch sometimes when Evergreens and Birchnut Trees burn off-screen.

January 20th, 2017

Rev. 203787

  • Fixed crash when lighting Firecrackers near Blue Hounds.

January 19th, 2017 – Year of the Gobbler

Rev. 203538

January 19th Update Poster.

  • Gobblers are appearing more than normal!
  • Build a shrine to appease the Gobblers and receive Red Pouches from them.
  • Make offerings to the Gobbler Shrine in return for unique items like Red Firecrackers, Red Lanterns, and more…
  • Hounds are known to be easily startled by the sound of Firecrackers.
  • Perform the Lucky Beast Dance properly with your friends to receive a major sanity bonus.
  • Adopt a cute little Giblet at the Critter Den.

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