Update 175504 Information:

Whew! Leaving early access? That went pretty good! Today’s update is mostly a big batch of bug fixes and a bit of tuning. Enjoy!

  • Bernie will now attract all nearby Shadow Creatures (instead of just one at a time) when activated.
  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minions will now tend to finish working on one target before moving onto the next.
  • Added more variety and improvements to character speech strings.


Bug Fixes
  • Pig Man and Bunnyman speech can now be seen on clients.
  • Players’ cold breath can now be seen on clients.
  • Penguin Nests now respect the Ice Boulder world customization setting.
  • Fixed bug with timing of Shadow Digger’s action animation.
  • Fixed bug where Thulecite Clubs never spawned any Shadow Tentacles.
  • Fixed dislocated shoulder animation glitch when mounting Beefalo.
  • Fixed hair animation glitch when jumping into Worm Holes while wearing a hat.
  • Fixed animation glitch when Werepigs transform back to Guard Pigs.
  • Fixed bug with orientation of buildings that are off-screen when camera is rotated.
  • Fixed Twiggy Tree Saplings appearing when Twiggy Trees were not supposed to be in the world. (Only affects new worlds.)
  • Fixed bug where old snapshots would sometimes appear in the Rollback tab even after a save slot has been deleted.
  • Fixed bug where Crafting menu sometimes closes before you can select skin variations on certain window sizes and resolutions.


Don't Starve Together
Don't Starve Together
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Price: 14,99 €

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