Hey Survivalist,
Weโ€™ve just released Alpha 16 Experimental B112 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues.


  • Arch 2m blocks/recipes.


  • Skill screen allows purchase of multiple skills at once.
  • Skill screen now shows — for cost of maxed out skills.
  • Skill screen now shows KNOWN for buy option when trying to purchase a known rank.
  • Skill info window now shows skill purchase cost.
  • Skill points gained per level have been increased to 6.
  • Slowed player leveling per level.
  • Replaced pigs with wild boars. They attack if provoked.
  • Reduced the wood cost of tools and weapons.
  • Cobblestone frames no longer exist. Flagstone can be upgraded to cobblestone.
  • More flagstone block recipes added.
  • The stone axe works better against wood and worse against stone. (it’s an axe, not a pick)
  • The adobe material has been removed from the game. Flagstone has been fleshed out with new shapes.
  • Increased player outgoing damage on higher difficulty levels. On “Insane” it is now x0.5 instead of x0.25.
  • Gamestage increases much faster on higher difficulty levels making zombies big, bad, and bountiful.
  • Small adjustment to bacon & eggs to match the latest changes
  • The compound bow draws faster than the wooden bow.
  • Reduced probability of vultures in hordes because their AI makes them inefficient for that.
  • Vultures had too much fun swimming. The relevant AI task was removed.
  • Rebalanced wildlife so there are less larger mammal and more rabbits and chickens. Changed: There were too many wolves and too much meat as a result.
  • There are more zombies in the wild (and towns as a result), except in the snow biome which is still low population but made of harder zombies like lumberjacks.
  • Compound bow draw is faster, making it better than the wooden bow in every way.
  • Misc crafting is now a perk.
  • Added descriptions to Painting blocks.
  • Increased harvest amount on stone tools.
  • Increased the chance to occasionally find a house empty of zombies.
  • maxAlive in horde stages ramps up a little quicker.
  • Optimized cube frame.


  • woodHalf has no vendor price set.
  • Allow shift clicking fuel in workstation.
  • Model error on harvestable potato plant.
  • Duke token amount is not updating correctly.
  • Wrong fall event on some doors and hatches.
  • Broken wooden bow gets stuck in zoom position.
  • Hitting any trader with a torch and setting them on fire awards player kills.
  • First Person Muzzle Flashes are out too far from the barrel at different FOVโ€™s
  • Workstations output goes to first free slot – ignoring existing stacks.
  • Zombie corpses are not being cleaned up in unloaded chunks.
  • Player Editor has invalid character selections available.
  • Wolves don’t lunge attack through the player and doors now.
  • Improved description for the paint tool.
  • Wood spikes are using A15 repair costs.
  • Debug menu: Cannot set speed slider to 1
  • Pressing ESC in SP during spawn/death anims freezes game.
  • Toolbar interaction possible with in-game menu open.
  • Reload/Take all cannot be rebound.
  • Closing 7dtd without having a game started causes NRE.
  • Binding ALT key to any action kills mouse control for that game session.
  • Mouse sensitivity limit lowered.
  • Adobe arch blocks in prefabs cannot be repaired.
  • Industrial Light is in the wrong crafting tab.
  • Electrical lights have no description.
  • Texture Picker now can only select unlocked textures.
  • Using noclip as client causes teleports.
  • Zombie crawler walks after being electrocuted (Note that crawlers and spiders still stand up when being electrocuted, we need a couple of more shock animations)
  • Adjusted burn times of chairs.
  • Floating POIs in RG
  • Fix missing -no shadows- option.
  • batterybankSchematic teaches the recipe, not the perk.
  • Bad grammar on the Trigger Delay and Duration journal.
  • Electricity skills/perks need their descriptions.
  • Craftable items missing descriptions.
  • Disappearing POIs in RG.
  • Steel smithing does not display required science skill.
  • Stats do not show for lvl 0 crafting skills.
  • Fixed: Wolf fur looks off [Hangs too low]
  • When in the paint picking menu, if you try to drop items they go to your backpack.
  • Added missing icon for loose floor 3×3 trap.
  • Switch in front of battery bank also turns it off.
  • Sounds turns off on bladetrap and solarpanel when a player leaves the area.
  • Opening dialogs while moving can cause action hotkeys to trigger.
  • Tooltip not showing for map waypoints.
  • Minibike lock locking out owners.
  • Name on Block 784 same as 786.
  • Supply crates now float above water.
  • Falling through the world on dedi.
  • Compound bow preview window is incorrect.
  • Rebinding actions can cause conflicts between local/gui and permanent actions.
  • Made all actions rebindable.
  • Trouble Looting or Destroying Zombie Ragdolls in Shallow Water.
  • Player Editor has invalid character selections available.
  • Bulletproof Glass has Concrete particles.
  • Increased Radial delay making it easier to use Tab/R/E without the radial popping up.
  • ERROR: VM.mesh[0].Vertices.Count (65248) has too many vertices! Reverted to an alpha cutout frame on a cube instead of a 3d cube.

KNOWN ISSUES (No more reports needed, thank you)

  • Hunted Status not working properly
  • Clipping issues with bears, wolves, and spider zombies
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