ss_6fefe1d134d13fe1efe940b8d5258c1a2ad9e8f8.1920x1080Hey Survivalists,
Here is a hot fix for some of the regression bugs the last update caused.

For those who have reported crashes please try updating your video card drivers, cleaning out your files in your C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDieAppData folder and reinstalling the game. Note this is should be compatible with all Alpha saved games. We apologize for any of you who are still having trouble running the game. We appreciate your patience and any information you can provide us in fixing the problems. We believe the crashes are Unity related.

Alpha 14.4 Patch notes

  • Added: New Army Barracks to the game and random Gen world.
  • Fixed: Bacon and eggs require a cooking pot.
  • Fixed: Label of the leather chest armor schematic.
  • Fixed: DTD-1913 TL – Environment – Missing part of wooden tower on NAVEZGANE.
  • Fixed: Gameplay – Player is not taking damage/ragdoll does not activate.


[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”7 Days to Die 14.3 to 14.4 Update”]

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”7 Days To Die 14.4 x64 by (Full)”]

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”7 Days To Die 14.4 x86 by (Full)”]

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