Hey Survivalist,
Weโ€™ve just released Alpha 16 Experimental B113 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. If youโ€™ve played B105 or B112 from our previous posts see the fixes below for more info.


  • Recipes for glass ramps.


  • Updated wood, scrap and vault hatches to work with advanced rotations.
  • Snow and forest biomes are colder.
  • Players core temperature change faster.
  • Moved End Tables to the Decor group.
  • Reduced the amount of meat harvested from animals.
  • Wood cube frames are 3d again, but optimized so they don’t cause errors.
  • Terrain ping pong to do one more check for “bounce ups” instead of clamping them.
  • Temporarily disabled wolf running attack to stop clipping through several voxels.
  • Slightly slowed wolf running speed.
  • Dire wolves are rarer.


  • Double mouse cursor after using map.
  • Map not showing crosshair cursor while hovering waypoints.
  • Updated the description of Misc Crafting.
  • Wrong upgrade patch on concreteWedgeIncline.
  • Description for looseBoardsTrapBlock3x3.
  • Players can walk through the chem stations.
  • Wood spikes cost more to repair than to make. (this time for real)
  • Some upgrades are leading to the wrong kind of concrete.
  • Control binding tooltips stay if controls dialog is closed with ESC while tooltip is showing.
  • Pressing enter during sign editing causes random effects (reset key bindings to default to apply fix)
  • Quests refer to pigs, not boars.
  • RWG Index out of range error.
  • Snake death animation.
  • Delayed sleeper spawn.
  • Sleepers spawn instantly when active beroll is picked up.
  • Sleeper volumes with small pre-trigger area allow seeing spawn ins.

KNOWN ISSUES (No more reports needed, thank you)

  • Hunted Status not working properly
  • Clipping issues with bears, wolves, and spider zombies
  • Unintended harvest amounts on destroying boulders.
  • Aggressive animals violating safe zone.
  • Too many Airdrop crates spawning and crates spawning underground
  • Road Issues
  • Scavenger + Quality Joe not working
  • Gore pile dupe
  • Blade trap doesn’t damage cops or irradiated cops (Might be intended)
  • Throwing rocks does not distract zombies
  • Trader Issues: Missing Trader, missing POI, odd hours, etc.
  • GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
  • Boar Head Hitbox not working
  • Teleport to ground level when under doors, under certain blocks, or loading in after having quit from an underground location.
  • Issues with filling buckets and bottles with water
  • Wet concrete not drying
  • Animals and zeds don’t aggro from being hit with a ranged attack after a certain distance
  • Sleeper spawning issues continue
  • Minibike steering issue using a gamepad controller
  • Pink Water

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