GigaRentFun7DyasDieHey Survivalists,
Alpha 13.8 Patch is out and ready for consumption. This patch addresses many important fixes.

  • Changed: Create RG City Spawning Method
  • Fixed: Throwing rock just falls to
  • Fixed: Workstations not catching up
  • Fixed: POIs never spawning zombies in RWG
  • Fixed: Gaps in skill returns
  • Fixed: Changed skill effect curves to match internal chart balancing
  • Fixed: NRE on scrapping a now empty inventory slot
  • Fixed: craft preview time was not matching actual craft time in recipe queue
  • Fixed: Cannot craft a recipe when it is not showing in the recipe list.
  • Fixed: OutOfMemory on water particles
  • Fixed: Recipe Stack resetting upon closing forge and reopening

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”7 Days to Die 13.8 x64 by (Full Client)”]

[sc_download_cloud url=”″ name=”7 Days to Die 13.7 to 13.8 Update by”]

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